Chinook Concourse RV

One of my retirement pursuits was to buy an RV and travel the country. So, I began searching a few months before retirment, and bought our dream RV “Harmony” on November 6,2014 in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Harmony is a 2001 Chinook Concourse, which started with about 56000 miles when we took over. This blog will discuss the searching process, purchase, restoration and upgrade, and travels in Harmony, which have all been a delightful experience so far.

Harmony was named after our 40+ year marriage. Beth and I have grown together throughout this time, and are enjoying our increased time together since retirement. Our travels in the Chinook are becoming a great source of peace and happiness ase we see new sites and experiences together


Greetings Friends,

Welcome.  I am Clay Rushing and this is my retirement blog.  I retired in January 2015 from a rewarding and fascinating career in software development, and find myself in a blissful state of no deadlines and few worries. But I have a lot of ideas and experiences that feel a need to be shared, so this is outlet.

Here are some topics to be explored, in no particular order:

Retirement, Economics, My 2001 Chinook Concourse RV, Animals and pets, Progressive ideas, Projects around the house, Travel, and whatever else strikes my interest.

Anyway, here is the launch, and we will see where it goes…